Is he interested?

So I've been texting for two weeks with this guy I met online. He seemed really interested in me at first, always asking me question about me, and wanting me to ask him questions, giving hints he would like to have something with me and he always responded quickly to my texts.
He told me he had broken-up with his two years long girlfriend for several months now, but a week ago he saw her in a party and didn´t talk to me for two days. Then he explained everything to me and said he would like to continue talking to me and getting to know me better. However, after that he doesn´t talk as much and takes hours to respond to my texts.
What do you think? Is he interested? Should I give up?


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  • stop wasting so much time through text messages
    you guys should meet in person and from there it's easier to gage your mutual level of interest, so that you're not wasting your time with someone who's not interested in you
    there's tons of guys ou there so try making it work for real with him and if it works AWSOME, if not move on
    this should be your attitute regarding dating

    • Thank you for your help. In fact we have talked about meeting up, since I said I would like to meet him and he agreed, but then after he saw his ex-girlfriend in that party we never talked about it again.

    • you have to bring the subject again at some point if he doesn't because again you always want to be clear headed of such situations

    • yes I guess you are right, next time we talk I'll try to bring up meeting up again

  • I dont think he's really into you. He's just temporarily interested. He's just filling the space. He wants to think that he really has moved on, when in fact, he's still inlove with his ex.

    • Couldn´t he not reply to me faster because he is busy? We've talked about really personal stuff, he sent many hints that he would like to have something more with me, we even talked about meeting up (before he saw is ex girlfriend in that party)

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    • I was trying to have a positive mind about this. At the beginning I wasn´t really that interested but now he is really starting to grow on me.

    • Then let it be. Remember the best advice could only come from him. Ask him whats up. Straighten things out. Like the old saying goes, 'all or nothing.'

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