What this guy wanted?

once i was going in the centre of my city, near many hotels and foreigns. I was in dark jeans and grey t-shirt... so pretty casual looking.
And then i hear someone running behind me and asking "sorry... sorry... sorry?"
When he came closer he asked me "do you speak english?"
And unexpectedly to myself i said "no!" (though i speak English and i liked the guy)...
He then felt confused and hurry up somewhere...

Do u think he wanted to get acquainted with me?
There were plenty of people on the street and he run to me to ask if i speak English...


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  • Loool, maybe he did, maybe he didn't. The moments gone, and I dont think it could've been any better.

    Just smile at the memory and go on with your life

  • Maybe he just thought you looked approachable and like you spoke English. Why would you lie to him like that? He probably just needed to ask a question.

    • there was tons of people on the street, why need to run from far away to me to just ask question

    • Like I said, maybe you looked like someone who would seek English to him. It sounds like you're just waiting for someone to tell you he was attracted to you even though there are so many other possibilities as to why he asked you.

    • like i said, cunt, there were tons of people and they all seem like speaking English