Should I text him? I told him I was going to crash and he said "ttyl and sweet dreams"?

Okay so I'm a little confused on what I should do. I'm talking to this Tinder guy. He's really cute. >< We matched and he messaged me first. He stated in his profile he's not looking for anything serious -- just fun. Oh boy... I already know he just wants sex. But when we text he's super nice and isn't as sexual as I thought he would be. We talked back and fourth for 4 days. He already hinted meeting up twice. I said yes to both. He wanted to meet last night though. I wasn't aware, I thought he meant another day and I declined. He said it was okay and kept texting me. I told him I was going to crash and for him to have a nice night. He replied saying" Ooook. Ttyl. Sweet Dreams :)" I want to talk to him again but I do not want to seem clingy or needy. Should I wait a day before messaging him? Should I wait until he messages me? He just added me on snapchat. Honestly, Im not looking to hook up but I'd like to meet him for fun. I already know we want separate things but I would like to meet up just for the experience. What should I do?

  • Text him, It won't hurt you. You have nothing to lose.
  • Wait until he texts you
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What Guys Said 2

  • Just let him know before hand that you are not interested in SEX. Please don't leave this poor dude fantasizing about all the crazy shit he would want to do with you when you show up only to get TURNED DOWN by you and feel disappointed. Make it CLEAR.

    But here's the catch... by you doing that; one of two things could happen.
    1. He will stop texting you and cut you off entirely (he just wants to bang - simple and straightforward)
    2. He might accept to stay in the friend zone after finding out that you're a chill person, and hopes that one day he'll work his way into your pants (he might like you enough for you to be his girlfriend)

    • Ahh. :/ That's going to be so hard. I'm attracted to him... I know once I say it he's going to stop talking to me. I like talking to him though. Guess I can't have my cake and eat it too.

    • Awwww... I know how you feel. You want to mean something more to him than just a chick he banged on tinder, which is really nice. I suggest showing up anyway and just playing your game. You're going to have to let him know that "you don't get down like that" without explicitly saying that you're uninterested.

      Just hope that he still wants to rock with you afterwards. You never know, he might think you're way too beautiful and cool to be a one night stand. But that all depends on fate. I hope hope he likes you the same way you like him. We need some more love on this planet... lol

      Best of Luck.

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What Girls Said 1

  • Text him but make sure your not the only one to text first all the time otherwise it'd be to clingy. And wait for reply just don't wait around doing nothing he could take a day to reply just cause or could be busy just saying

    • Okay. Yeah forsure. He messaged first. Then gave me his number. So I texted him once I got his number. Our convos were never ending, so there wasn't really a he text first or I text first thing. Only now because I stopped the convo.

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