Dating the same guy. Ok people I need help with a friend I have

Alright ya'll... I have 1 HUGE problem and I do not know what to do...ok so I have this friend and her and I are dating the same guy. now one thing I HATE (seriously) hate about her is, she swears she is better than everybody, she swears she knows she knows everything... it gets annoying, then she ALWAYS tries to top me I've been biting my tongue for toooooooooooooooooo long. Now this chick has always been in a abusive relationship, she got out of it, but now she backinto a abusive relationship with a different dude. Now my problem is now she's back to competing with me but this time with our bf. She swears he is the best because he spends $100 to get into a club when he doesn't have his I.D she's like all he does is spend money he doesn't care. I'm like give me some (thats what she says), anywayz so yea then anotherthing she said was he offered to buy me a car I should've said yes. yada yada yada (do ya get where I'm going with this?) this BITCH! has ditched me soooo many times to be with him and I act as if it doesn't bother me and all. but today I just about had enough. I asked her to come out with me yest. she said nah she was tired how she text me saying she was with herbf last night? what would ya do? because to be honest I feel like cutting her off


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  • If you cut her off, won't you like miss her and all the drama, what will you do to get your fix of drama?

  • Why are you dating the same guy as this psycho?!?

    I don't understand why girls put up with this stuff...

    • No we are not dating the same guy... our boyfriend have the same NAME ...

    • You said: "ok so I have this friend and her and I are dating the same guy"

      Why be friends with this bitch then?

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