I like somewhat older guys?

I'm 15 and the youngest guy I've been messing with (the one I'm currently messing with) is 17. I don't do relationships but I'm still a virgin. I just like someone more sophisticated due to the fact that I look and act so much older than I actually am. Is there a problem with the way I am? The oldest I've talked to was 20 and I was 13. I looked 16 at the time.


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  • Its likely cause you ether like your dad a ton where you feel super attached or the opposite ether way its the effect of needed a older guy who's like your dad. Its no really bad but it can be awkward when some one notices that you dont act mature around your older guy friends. So long as you stay away from calling your S/O "daddy" its not that weird.


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  • Please be careful out there, you're still underage and men who approach and hit on young girls like yourself are not people to be around. They are adults and should know better.