Is this a rational behavior?

My girlfriend told me I wasn't messaging her even if I did.

Overview, as less bias as I can but feel free to ask:

We don't really live together but she goes here from time to time.
She's here since Wednesday but have to take off yesterday (Saturday) afternoon so she could clean their house.

Saturday night - After I made sure she's home, I told her that I would eat dinner and then watch several series (Flash, SuperGirl, etc - I've been lagging behind like 3-4 episodes since she's here over weekends, but I don't mind).

I told her that I will watch those and still, she could message me anytime.

4 hours passed - I am enjoying, I treat it as a ME-time. She messaged me she's going to bed. I called her. We chatted for like 30mins and she went to sleep. I continued for 1 more episode, sent her another goodnight message and went to sleep.

Sunday morning (a few hours ago) - She woke earlier than me, said goodmorning and when I woke up, tells her goodmorning.

No reply. She could've just fallen asleep again.
I browsed facebook, some 9gag and sent her a message that I'm going to get started cleaning. I wasn't able to do so since she stays here over the past few weekends, but again, I don't mind.

Now, she went into some little tantrums that I don't message her unless she does the messaging.

I was like... What?
What did I do? Where am I wrong? I am now really really confused.


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  • You're not wrong. She is. If I were you, I'd be pretty pissed at her, since you are the one who's trying and she doesn't seem to recognize it.


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