What do you think when you see an ugly girl with a really hot guy?

I am a really attractive guy (I've done modeling before, and most girls agree that I am one of the best looking guys around). I've turned down tons of attractive women because they dont meet my standards for personality, they are nice girls but when they dress like sluts, and act really annoying there is no way I am going to go out with them. I recently met this girl though who isn't attractive at all, the first time I met her I was like "Wow this girl is ugly", but as I got to know her I realized she is such a kind, and genuine person, and she was so much better then the rabble of girls that I had gotten previously. Those girls were attractive, but they were so fake both physically and emotionally. Anyway I get a lot of looks when I walk around with her, and I am just trying to figure out what people think when they see a guy as good looking as me, with a girl like her. What are your thoughts when you see something like this?


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  • It honestly makes me angry. Not just with hot guys, but with any guy. I hate when guys pick an ugly girl over a pretty one, especially if they pick a butterface. Ugly women should only be used as a pump or dump or a last resort. I'm pretty, but sometimes because of my weight, guys turned me down. My boyfriend right now told me the first thing he noticed about me was how pretty my face is.

    For you, I kind of get it. I mean, it's always good to like the girls personality. So I can admire that. What I hate is if a guy picks a girl because she is thin but her face isn't pretty. This one guy I know rejected me for a girl because she works out everyday and eats healthy. However, her face is ugly. So he shouldn't have picked her. My boyfriend right now has good taste. I'm glad the other guy rejected me because I dodged a bullet there.

    I think people will judge you at first, but if they know it's because of her personality than they'll get over it. As long as she's not butterface or something I think it's fine.

    • All of fat girls have pretty face sorry

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    • you're fat and you said u have a pretty face well. Fat girl=preety face. The guy who is rejected u over a healty and sportive voman he totally made the right decision

    • Having a pretty face is a good thing.

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  • My thoughts? "Wow. The value discrepancy between males and females has hit an all time high." Basically, I would think "So a chick who is a 3 is equal in value to a male that's a 10."

    In essence, I would probably think that the hot guy is some kind of fucked up or the ugly girl is just a tool or a friend.

    An ugly guy with a hot girl makes sense. Women don't look at attractiveness as males do. But, it'd be really confusing to me to see a very attractive guy with an ugly girl. The only conclusion I could make without knowing them is that the guy has some serious flaws that attractive women see in him and dislike, so he can only pull an ugly girl.

    Though. One of my childhood best friends pulled a lot of hot chicks. He banged the hottest of the hot. Then he got married to an overweight, yet granted super intelligent woman. She wasn't attractive, at all. I really seriously wondered why he would marry her. That's totally anti-male. I had just chalked it up to his 180 IQ, to him being able to transcend baser instincts due to his high cognitive ability. But. I don't know.

    You used an oxford comma, so perhaps you're the same as my childhood friend and capable of transcending your baser instincts. Oup. Nope. Run on sentence. Doesn't prove anything, just sayin'.


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  • As long as you like her it doesn't matter. Since you're type of situation is rare realize women deal with this type of scenario a lot without any issue. Like the stunning woman with the butt ugly man. The woman is confident enough in her love for him and she doesn't care about anybodys opinion.

  • I don't care about other people's love lives so long as everyone is safe and a consenting adult.

    • That wasn't the question.

    • @Rawrzz the question was what do I think. The answer is that I don't think anything of such a relationship.

    • That is the answer.

  • Um, nothing. You sound full of yourself, I'm pretty sure she's beautiful inside and out and you walking around with her just to get reactions from people is a dick move and you seem like you're just using her. Go hang out with the "sluts" because that's where you belong. You call them fake but you're just the same if not more.

    • Wow why are you so angry at me? I know I'm attractive, that doesn't mean I'm a jerk or full of myself, it just means I know who I am. Second of all, I'm not walking around with this girl to "get reactions", I'm genuinely dating her because she is an awesome person. I dont know why you are assuming I'm some kind of shallow jerk, I date women for who they are, not what they look like. Third of all, how do you know I'm fake? I'm just a random guy on the internet that you have never met before, jumping a bit to conclusions now aren't we?

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