Guys, If a guy really liked you, would you fight for you?

So I ended things with this guy back in Jan. I regretted it after, and he said he couldn't trust me because I left him. A month later I tried and he told me to move on with my life. He was still so angry and yelling st me. I haven't talked to him since. The weird thing is I met this man on a fitness forum. He speaks exactly like the guy. In the way they write their sentences and such. I have him in snapchat and whenever he makes fitness video and talks in them, he talks like the guy too. Strangely enough, the fitness guy won't send me face pics
but besides that, to men ever come back?


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  • The first guy sounds like he wants nothing to do with you sorry.

    • True. He has no right to be mad tho
      Had a feeling he was going to hurt me, so I just ended things
      He can be mad all he wants.

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