A question about quiet girls?

So I'm a bit interested in a girl that I don't really know much about. She is in the same school as me, but I've never even heard her speak before last week. She is more of a quiet and calm girl, and she's definitely not someone that likes being at the center of attention (like I do).

I think she is really pretty and seems really kind and nice, but I'm a bit scared that she will be "boring". I'm naturally a social and outgoing guy, and I'm a bit confused by people that are really quiet and drawn back. Now don't get me wrong, she has a lot of friends and is attending the same social events as me, it's just that she seems a bit shy.

Now to my questions: can quiet and shyer girls have a wild and exciting side to them? Do they get more social and open when they get to know you? Are shy and calmer girls attracted to guys that are social and outgoing? Tips on approaching and eventually dating a girl like that?


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  • lol yep, ESPECIALLY teenage girls. ask if her she likes to read or if she has a wattpad, she probably won't let you look at her book selection. if she does have one and doesn't let you see, she definitely has a WIDE selection of smut and eroticas on there. shy people can let loose as soon as they find people they're comfortable with, i have a lot of shy friends and they are far from shy whenever they're with me because i learned how to bring that freaky side out of em ;)


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  • Just start with hello

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