Falling for me?

we aren't dating, but I feel like he might be falling for me? he's 22 what are the signs?


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  • definitely need more information.

    • Or like -ANY info.


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    • Yea I agree, but what are the signs that a guy actually is falling in love with you?

    • I honestly have no idea, because I've never fallen in love... I love a lot of people, like family... but never "fallen" in love.

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  • do you know guy or is it just a superficial crush thing?

    if he's into you, he'll ask you out, or he'll ask you to hang out with him. those are a few signs or he's flirting with you lots. aka sending text messages often or asking to go out to lunch together often.

    • I def know he is into me, we hang out and go out places. I just don't know what signs to look for if he is beginning to fall for me or if he just likes me