Sexiest hairstyle and outfit on a girl?

What kind of hair do guys think look best on girls, and is long or short hair sexier?
I know it depends on the girl but in general?
also what kind of clothes do guys like girls to wear casually (not a date)


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  • I prefer long hair in general and straight hair but there are exceptions. I find most girls can't really pull off short hair cuts and those that can usually look better with long hair anyway. I also happen to think that pony tails are incredibly underrated.

    Don't really have an opinion on clothes.


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  • I like a 'bob' cut, usually at least chin length.
    As for cloths, you'll never hear a guy say the he hates looking at women in dresses/skirts.
    Colors, I like a black and red schema, but also any jewel type color. Usually in solids.

  • It's all personal, but for me It'd be long wavy hair and a form fitting outfit.
    Seeing abit of skin's a plus (I'm a horny bastard)


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