Why would a guy treat me like a queen but not want sex? Did he friendzone me?

I've been casually dating this expat guy for four months&he moved to his home country (Poland) temporarily for 1.5mths. There was a chance that he might not return, so I was dating other guys (he knows this). He's been calling me 2-3t/wk and initiated 90 %. The sex was explosive, as he stated, too. He invited me to come to Poland, and before I went there for wknd he asked if I've some expectations towards him, I said no. He treated me like a queen, insisting to open the doors, told me I looked gorgeous and other kinds of compliments on looks to personality. He's always warm towards me, but now he was overly concerned–he tucked me into bed, made sure I made home safe, carried my bags, opened the doors, made plans for us according to my wishes. Kept saying my name a lot, this was new:X, X, X, dear X, u have a beautiful name! He also took&sent me 78pics,10of us together,4of my fav flower and the rest 64of me taking pictures of sth. BUT: We had no sex during my visit! I still felt the vibe of us being more than friends. We didn't even kiss, just a lot of hugging. We discussed this during my visit and he said that he doesn't want anything physical as he hasn't decided whether he'll return or stay. He mentioned that he doesn't want love to affect where he lives, harsh! He said he cares about me very much. Once he said"I'll kiss you–uh, I'll hug you". He tried to postpone me leaving, saying "hey, you don't have to leave yet, you still have a lot of time". As we said (awkward) goodbye, I had to remind him to hand me my bag. We spent 14h/day4days hanging out.

He asked me if I had a nice flight. I replied no, and he called me saying that after I left, he started thinking to return to my country again. He ended the call with an excited "see you soon", as he will return for at least 2wks next Sat&live at his friend's place, who happens to be almost my neighbor. Is it a mind game/revenge for me dating other guys? Friendzone?

Options in my mind are:
• He's too stressed for sex but really likes me.
• He friendzoned me.
• He felt obliged to treat me very well as I was his guest.
• He could be falling in love with me and wants to prevent from us being hurt if he decides to stay in Poland or holds himself back for whatever reason.
• He doesn't want to get too attached and wants to make a rational decision like he told me.


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  • In my opinion it your forth thought coupled with a deep respect for you. He does have feelings there is no doubt but doesn't want the pressures of that to dictate his future completely , sway it perhaps

    • Thank you! This is exactly what I think too.

    • Don't allow doubt to sway you. On the surface he may seem to not have the level of commitment that you want , but inside there is termole about a good many things , feelings , career choices , where is best for him to live as well as things I may not know. Just show patcience and time will reveal things to you

    • Thank you

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