What is the first thing a guy can say or ask of a girl in a dating site or just texting in general?

For an example: Hey, How are you doing?, Hey wats up?, Hows life treating you? Do you want us guys to ask more sexual question? Because i'm confused if we can't even say 'Hey" to you what else is there? PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME.


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  • "Hey, how are you?"
    "Wow, you look so beautiful/hot in your picture"
    I don't know :P

    • "Wow, you look so beautiful/hot in your picture"
      What if they are told that all the time by all the guys who message her?

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    • Don't take it like that. I'm not annoyed at all just very curious. It's hard to please a woman so I guess i'm trying to get it right the 1st time is all. sorry if you felt that way.

    • "If you don't like to chat like that, sorry."
      Its not that its just either i just don't know or i'm just doing it wrong is all.

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  • Read their profile and comment on something in a fun way. If they don't have much on their profile, you might be better off moving on.

    • So i do that most definitely but still no response OR I just don't catch her attention.