Do you think that an attractive guy is a loser if he dates an unattractive girl?

I am really good looking (8/10+ according to most girls), my girlfriend is not that good looking, and I feel like a lot of people are judging me about it. I really like her values and who she is as a person so I look past her looks. What do people think when they see a couple like this walking around? I am just curious, I'm still going to continue going out with my girlfriend, but I want to know what people are thinking.

  • Yeah there is something wrong with him
  • No there is nothing wrong with a really good looking guy dating an unattractive girl
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Most Helpful Girl

  • There should be guys like you, don't feel bad that she isn't up to other people's standards but yours. External beauty won't last too long, but if you truly love her internal beauty, there should be nothing that stops you from loving her. Guys like you are hard to find so don't change at all.
    But back on topic, it probably makes her feel special and like the only girl in the world for someone like you to love her and you probably are doing an amazing job at that. So great job!
    Remember if you want to be with someone for the rest of your life, then pick someone that'll stay by your side and is compatible to your instead of being arm candy.
    Be your girl's Prince Charming and give her the happy ending she deserves!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well, these things are subjective, having standards, preferences and what you define as passion in a relationship is also subjective. For some people looks are not that important and they give importance to only personality and that's fine.

    Whereas some people want both to be equally high so it all depends on the person.

    However yes you say you are very attractive then to me it's really surprising that you don't give importance to looks of the other person, because as far as I know people who are very attractive they want an equally attractive person with a good personality in their lives, but it's a little surprising that you are not giving importance to looks.

    However there is nothing wrong with you, it's good that you are looking past her looks, so that says a lot about your thought process.

    No, you are not a loser and attractive people who date unattractive people are not losers, yes it might be a little strange to believe but they are not losers.

    What is important it what you believe is right and you go about that, people will keep saying things and even those things that will be totally illogical, so just ignore them.


What Girls Said 2

  • No there's nothing wrong, to some people she may be unattractive but there's something about her that keeps him there.

    • Is that really the opinion? I feel like thats what people think when they see a hot girl with an ugly guy, they are like "Oh that guy is probably a super nice person", but I feel like there is an expectation on me, as an attractive guy, to date a hot girl. I am just wondering if thats true or not.

    • Well like I said what you see as attractive other people may not! All in all who really cares, if you like someone whose not necessarily as hot as you imagined your girlfriend to be then so what!

  • I would think you're a great guy because you're with a girl that might not be conventionally beautiful.


What Guys Said 2

  • Who cares what they think man. You like her right, so fuck those other people.

  • let me have a look at her

    • I dont have a picture but I suppose I can describe her. She's 5'1, Korean, straight dark brown almost black hair, slightly tan skin, very squinty eyes, a little husky but not fat or that overweight. Her looks aren't that great, I've seen tons of more attractive Korean American girls but she has a really great personality.