Why do I feel like I'm goin through a break up from dating someone for only 4 months?

I recently dated this guy for 4 months and he wasn't ready to commit to me cause he had a lot of doubts about our relationship.. but I ended up falling for him pretty hard and now I'm not so sure what to do.. do u think it's best to move on or should I still try to contact him.. I feel so empty and sad but not heartbroken


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  • It doesn't say it but I take it that he walked out on this? If so how long ago

    • Actually I walked out on him cause he didn't want to commit.. This happened last Sunday and we met on Friday and then he told me about his doubts

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    • He's an over analytical person so he felt like having common values is very important in a relationship.. He's very nerdy so he's really into politics, science, and technology so he likes discussing those topics with his friends.. He felt like he couldn't do that with me but he never really tried to explore other values with me.. he told me he's going through a weird transition period cause he turned 30 and he's starting to get adjusted in his new job so he didn't really have much time to try in the relationship.. do u think it's best to leave someone that's not ready for a relationship like him or should I wait for him?

    • If the list wee about half that and he seemed to actuall be interested I would say at least give it a chance. But as much as you may not like what I'm going to say... This gives no sign at all that there would be any reason to attemp to get anywhere with him

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  • its only 4 months. if he isn't going forward that means he is not interested.
    don't waste more time. unless you don't care about being serious and just want to have fun.

    my ex. and i knew our relathinsjp would eventually end based on a few things... but we stayed together for year and half and had lots of fun... till one decided to leave. but neither of us have hard feelings and we can actually be friends.

    so u need to think about what it is you want...