She is perfect for me but I don't have a crush on her?

So I get along super well with this girl. She is perfect for me in every way. Charming, funny, athletic, nice. In recent weeks we have gotten really close. Whenever we talk, we can go on forever. One topic leads to another which leads to another. Essentially, it is one of those great friendships so that no matter where you are or what you are doing, you enjoy spending time with the other person. I honestly believe that if I asked her to go out with me she would say yes. As I said, she fits almost perfectly as that perfect friend (to be girlfriend). However, I don't have a crush on her. It is weird, whenever I am around her, we get along really well. Yet, I never get that spark. That flutter when she looks or smiles at me. The dilemma I am having is if we should go out. If we do, I want to be fully committed and I am afraid that I won't be. However, if I leave things as they are, will she feel that I am leaving her hanging? Why don't I have a crush on her, when my brain is telling me that I should. Any help would be appreciated!


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  • I think you should tell her how you feel about her and then take it from there. Evaluate how she takes it, whether you should be friends, dating, or even dating but slowly one step at a time. Confidence is key to getting your final answer. Also you will never know until you give her chance and really get to know her. There is more behind a person then a simple conversation or observation. Like for example trying new foods or new activities. She could be the one or she could simply just be a friend it all depends on how far you are willing to take it. Not how you see each other but, how she makes an impact in your life. Does she lift your spirits? Does she make you a happier person?

    • She definetly makes me a happier person and I know I've made her a happier person. She even txts me once randomly saying that I always know how to make her cheer up. So whatever happens I want our relationship to grow either as dating partners or simply as friends.

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    • That's wonderful, your welcome, and good luck to you

    • Ill try my best :)

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  • Its better to have a friend who understands you than a forced girlfrnd


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  • Why you don't have a crush on her? I'd say it's cause you have already assigned her as a friend.
    Please don't rush it though. Let it take it's course, because it sounds like it could be love, if you let things take it's course.

    "Love isn't always on time."

    Do you usually just like girls (like an almost instant attraction?)

    • Maybe I unintentionally did. It just bugs me because my brain keeps telling me that we should be dating but my gut doesn't. I guess I'll take your advice and just continue being a good friend

    • Yeah. I know, you want it to be love so bad... but it's just one of those things that you should not rush

  • Be honest with yourself

    If you dont love her in that way, dont lead her on

    Be a good friend and be straight up.


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  • Well you said you don't have a crush on her? so does that mean you find her less attractive in some ways, physically or personality wise?

    • It's possible. She is not ugly but I wouldn't call her a 10/10