How do you deal with constand disappointments?

Hey guys,
lets say every single guy/girl you date only lies to you about everything right from the start (cuz their intentions aren't a true relationship but only sex) how do you deal with so much shit?
Why do you think would a person only "attract" fucked up liars and shitholes?
What can I do about this? I can't take that anymore


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  • People who are attracted to liars are those people who is something wrong in them. I don't know how they can find a liar appealing.

  • You attract it because you allow it. Liars and assholes are constantly looking for new victims. I expect guys come to you with problems and you are all sympathetic and later you find out that their life is fucked-up because they are a mess. So stop being sympathetic to guys with fucked-up lives. Date guys who have their lives together.

    by the way, I used to be you, and ended up wasting most of my youth on the wrong woman.

    • Thanks a lot for your answer but tbh when i started to get to know those guys they really didn't seem to have their lives fucked up. Theyve got a job, a flat and basically almost everything a sorted life should have...

    • In that case you just have to wait to know them better before you make yourself vulnerable.

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