After4 months, she still tries to get my attention? Is it not over?

I stopped all contact and ignored a woman who i was casually dating 4 Months ago coz i found out she was flirting with other dudes and blew me off for those dudes. It turns out those dudes are douchebags and im her best option.
I dint have her number nor did she had mine, the only way we contacted was by gmails.
Its been 4 months she stopped coming to class after i Completely ignored her, her friend in the class kinda stalks me even now, and she uploads songs and poems on social media which says she loves me, and like videos related to my stuff on YouTube.
If a woman is not over a dude for 4 months, is she psycho or she is madly in love?

  • She cheated on you but now she regrets it. She is totally in love if she is not over you even after 4 months.
  • She cheated on you, she is a psycho. Leave her.
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She never contacted me directly.


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  • But you two were casually dating? Does that mean you werent serious about her. If so then she flirting isn't much of a big deal seeings that you were only "CASUAL" and not in anything serious and Yea , she does miss you a lot.

    • Thnx for ur reply, your the only one who could understand this situation.
      We were casual, actually i acted like a wussy, she suggested going to movie etcbut i dont man up and ask her out, so maybe she felt rejected.
      And then she started sitting with some other dude in the class and flirting with every guy in the class, i then asked her out but she said no coz she wanted to spend time with this guy.
      Then this guy turns out to be idiot so she started chasing me but i Completely ignored her and she stopped coming to class, its been 4 months.
      If she is not over me after 4 months, do u think this time she is truly in love with me?

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    • I dint understand?

    • Yes, she is obsessed and depressed at the same time.

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  • Once a cheater, always a cheater. It's like AIDS. Once you got it, that's it, you can't get rid of it! She got it in her to cheat which means, if she get an opportunity to cheat, to be with someone else without anyone knowing she will take it again and again. I'd say leaver her based on the above but it's 100% your choice. Can you live with what I wrote? To have that thought in your head everytime you leave her? Well, then good for you... *not judging*