Girls, What is your intention when you tease a random guy who looks Quiet/shy?

When you tease a random guy who looks Quiet/shy what is your intention behind it?

What do you expect from the guy?


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  • My intention is to probably get his attention.
    Try to make him smile, or laugh

    • Thanks :) Are you interested in him as well?

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    • Lol no you arnt don't say that.

    • haha. Trying to be sweet , heh ;) I have answered your thesis , since I am sure you know the answer !!

  • Girls love teasing shy guys because we know how vulnerable they are and sometimes find it cute. We also like to bring out the bad boy in them.

    • Thanks :) So do you fancy the guy as well or not?

    • At first no but the more we tease the more we catch feelings

    • so you never fancy a guy at first sight?