Am I good enough for him?

Just wondering cuz I know many guys initiate break ups because they can get someone better
It's my looks and weight I'm worried about
I've always been jealous of my boyfriend's pretty and talented friends. I'm 165cm, 56 kg and trying to lose weight, undergrad student, plays piano, bass guitar, enjoys fitness, sports, cooking, adventures, camping, good sense of humour
boyfriend comes from a wealthy family, handsome, muscular, kind, honest, intelligent. I think all his friends have a crush on him, and strangers, and girls ask for his number sometimes.

Youd probably say lucky you for scoring this guy but I'm tired of always trying to see if he's cheating. It's time consuming stalking his friends, finding nothing and googling everything etc
sooo advice on what I should do pls


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  • The fact that you feel insecure about yourself can be sense through the way you interact with him so get yourself some value before he kicks you out of his life


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