How do I handle this situation?

For around 3 months I've been seeing a guy nothing serious but at times it feels like a relationship we have blazing arguments and I can be very mean and I call him horrible things :/ I've insulted him etc we fall out but then he contacts me again after no contact which last around 2 days then it's like nothing had happened but he brings up what I say etc , we didn't see each other for 4 weeks he was messing me about so the arguments were nasty but he was never nasty to me I told him last week that I'm looking for something more meaningful so I'm going to start dating others !! He says he doesn't want anything serious and when I say ok we will stay as friends but in going to start dating other men he will say ok do what you want so I left it as that he then contacts me saying he wants me and he wants to see me , today he passed through my town and stopped by he came to my house and we kissed but no sex I did please him tho , we hugged and kissed then he left because I had my friend coming around. I really like him but I'm confused , I do care for him and if he let me I could easily fall for him but I'm holding back. The thing is he always comes back to me after all the things I call him , in my heart I feel he does like me but he's stubborn type lol how do I handle this situation?


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  • Tell him exactly how you feel and what you are thinking. It sounds like he does like you why else would he message you after an argument/fight? I think a lot of people say they dont want anything serious because they are afraid of getting hurt. Ask him if he really does want to be just friends or if he likes you to commit to you.

    • He says he does like me and when I say I'm moving on he says just see how things go maybe i will want a relationship etc He always messages me everyday and it's never anything sexual just chit chat asking how I am , I haven't got the b.. lls

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    • So true and thank you for the advice very much appreciated :-)

    • No problem i hope you find someone awesome!