3 Months of silence, is it over or not?

1. This girl and i were casually dating, she hinted at movie but i dint make plans.

2. She decided to checkout new dudes and dumped me, i also ignored her, other dudes turn out to be no good than me, she tries to impress me and come to me, i ignored the fuck out of her.

3. She stopped coming to class for 3 months and we didn't talk all these 3 months.

4. She uploads songs, poems basically saying she loves me, she misses me etc, likes my college related stuff on YouTube, she is basically trying to get my attention., But ahe never texted me directly.

If a woman is not over a guy after 3 months, is she in love truly or just obsessed?

  • She regrets cheating on you, and she really regrets what she did. She is not texting you directly coz she fears rejection.
  • She is just playing, testing the waters to see if you jump on her. If she wanted to talk, she would have texted you directly.
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  • stop playing games and move on. block her number.

    • Thank you. Hope all is well

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  • happened to me once, similiar situation i got upset then started being an asshole i even made her cry once, she was nice and all but if you hurt me i become a little bitch, also i lost some weight (Wasnt even fat) and became way hotter and more attractive and every girl in a 100 miles radius was checking me out, that girl started being super nice to me no matter how many times i insult her she was nice, i told her to her face that iam not gonna ever date her (she got a boyfriend btw) but we can just stay friends, but yeah, bottom line i stopped giving a shit about her if she wants to get sad she can i dont care.


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  • Option A doesn't even belong here as you were never a couple to begin with

    • A girl who cheats while dating will definitely cheat in the relationship

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    • Either way you want to look at it. Three months of not seeing each other and little to no contact tells me neither of you are really into the other so move on

    • I have moved on, but she still writes poems and songs for me, so if she is doing this, clearly she hasn't moved on, so what should i do?
      She hasn't msgd me directly though

  • Fuck her man seriously, forget her name and move on like two months ago