I'm in grade 9 and he's in grade 12?

So, there's this guy at me school. in our school we have these cross grade group form rooms, so in our form rooms there are approximately 3 people from each grade. There's this one guy in my form and we sorta speak like everyday, and whenever i say a joke in the form class he laughs and may say something and i do the same back. the problem is he's really attractive and funny. So as we have to spend 30 mins in our form rooms everyday i've had quite a while to notice the things he does. he always tries to say something funny and while he's telling the joke he's staring at me, almost as if he wants to see my reaction. also he does stare at me a lot. whatever i say, it may not even be funny or that big of a deal, he either smiles or laughs to EVERYTHING! also if i get into petty arguments with other guys he gets involved so that their attention could turn away from me, which i dont mind but u know... i'm in grade 9 and i've never been in a relationship before and i don't want to be used or anything. also he's known around the school for being a bad/cool boy but around me he's totally different, but that may be because his friends aren't in our form class. please help me because i don't know whether i should let this carry on as it may turn into a relationship (because it seems like everyday he gets more and more comfortable around me, also i caught him doing his hair before coming to form class the other day and im 100% sure there are no other girls in our form class he could be trying to impress), or make sure it goes no further?


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  • He may be looking to just use you.

    Or he may really like you.

    Here's the thing. If he's a cool/bad boy, he's not an inexperienced guy. Which means he probably has the dating/sexual experience of a guy his age.

    He might just want to hook up. He might want to date. But if he wants to date, he'd want to date in the way 17-18 year olds do.

    And that's a huge jump for you.


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  • Here's the thing: I imagine he's going to be leaving to go away to university or whatever soon. For that reason alone, I would try to cut things off. You're just going to set yourselves up to be hurt.


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  • I'll be honest I didn't read the whole thing but isn't he gonna be leaving in a bit secondly that's 3 years difference which doesn't seem weird if it's too adults but I'd be disgusted if any of my 17 year old friends dated a 14 year old just doesn't seem right.

  • you know what they say. if her age's not on the clock, she is ready for the cock... .

    • What about a digital clock that goes up to 23.

    • @Josht11 well then she is definitely ready for the cock... .

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