Are these things a dealbreaker?

Girls if guys makes money on his passion which is streetwear fashion and you have great chemistry. Howeverhe doesn't have manly hobbies like cars or sports. Also he can't cook and fix anything. Would he be dateable?

And he's 27


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  • The "manly" hobbies wouldn't be a concern to me, mainly because that's not something I look for in a man. It wouldn't be a problem that he can't cook or fix things, my problem would be in the lack of desire to do so. I personally enjoy cooking with my partners and creating something, if he showed absolutely no interest in that, it would be hard for me to want to form a relationship. Same with fixing things, I like to take things apart and see how they work, if something is broken and I don't know how to fix it, I figure it out. I would want me partner to have a similar mindset. Regardless, providing that he has a good personality, and can hold a conversation, then he's worth a shot.

  • to me at least, yes :)
    I'm not really into cars, nor sports so I'm not offended that he doesn't either. Now the cooking, it's not a deal, but he Will learn to cook Some things, and I'd be there to help :). As far as the fixing, I don't expect a handy man, as long as you can change light bulbs and kill spiders we're all good

    • So much Engrish 😂
      *doesnt like them

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    • I'd probably joke around with her for a bit about her muscles, like "I better be a gentleman (not that I'm ever not one) you could probably do some damage :p" or something like that, and then continue to joke around and maybe be like "I'll show you mine if you shine me yours, haha" and send her a picture of yours Haha, even if you're not muscular
      Just be playful about it :) Then maybe tell her it's a turn on for you :)

    • This should work both over text and IRL :).

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  • Subjective!.

    Meaning some women will find that as a deal breaker some will not.