How can I avoid the friend zone?


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  • How can you avoid what doesn't exist?

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    • I have, but she keeps changing her answer. I am not sure what to think :(

    • She sounds indecisive which means either there's someone else and you're not her top choice, or she just doesn't want to hurt your feelings. I went through something similar a while back where the guy I was pursuing would act like he wanted to be with me but then never agree to hang out on the days I asked. Turns out he was in the process of getting the girl he liked first to date him. Let's take into account that this guy was my friend since the 2nd grade so a lot of people told me he friendzoned me when really he was just unsure if he was willing to settle for me or chase the girl he wanted. He chose the latter and I moved on. My advice to you is to try one more time or just confront her straightup cause that's what I did. I was only able to move on after he told me the truth so maybe you should try this. Good luck!

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  • Don't keep any contact with that person. The moment you know that you are going to be friendzoned, immediately cut off all contact with that person.