Does she like me?

I know there are a lot of these things, but I need the help.
I liked her last year for a bit, when she found out she seemed happy about it, she has become one of my closest friends. A couple of days ago, I told her something really embarrassing but she still talks to me. She pays me more attention than most of our other friends, like about the same as she does her boyfriend. What are my chances?
I know there are a lot of these on here but I could do with the help.
If possible could you please tell me what you think my chances are and what I should do?
Any help is appreciated, thanks

Update: today she layer her head on my shoulder, then later she hugged me, and she sucked my finger, all three of these actions were in front of her boyfriend


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  • Can you please share more clues that she might have given you? Many times when we like someone, our attention selects particular actions in their behaviour that will confirm our beliefs, this happens because we want it so much that we somehow want to push our opinions onto the facts. If you're asking is because there were some clues, does she lean?, do her eyes linger?, do her eyes sparkles and her smile lightens up with you?

    • Today she layer her head on me, and later hugged me, both actions were in front of her boyfriend

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    • I put my head on her shoulder and she seemed fine, she continued on the subject everyone was talking about

    • hahaha I get this feeling she might be too comfortable with you, or she likes you. look for signs of flirtation. However, beware, cause she might be a player if she gets too flirty with you... best of the lucks!

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  • Well, the fact that you told her something embarrassing about you and she still talks to you like before so that means she sees you as someone who has the courage to speak the truth, even if it is embarrassing and that is something that a woman will always appreciate.

    Yes, there is a good chance she likes you.

    • I would be certain, but I could never think that someone else likes me, I'm generally unappealing