To tell or not to tell him how I feel?

Okay so I have a huge crush on. One of my guy friends but I just can't get the guts to tell him how I feel bout him and he is leaving for a university soon and I'm just wondering should I tell him how I feel or not?


What Guys Said 1

  • Good question, you can do either.

    1. First you should go have a talk with him and ask him if there is a chance of him coming back or seeing him again.

    2. If there is a chance of him coming back or seeing him then you can tell him how you feel.

    3. However if he is going for a long long time and chances are less of seeing him, then you should keep your feelings to yourself and don't tell him. Over time your feeling of crush will just fade away.


What Girls Said 1

  • Will you still see him in the future?

    • if I tell him I'm hoping so... This is the first guy I have truly trusted in a good while.

    • It sounds like you're really into him. I would go for it! I've told someone how I felt before and even though he rejected me it helped me move on so not matter the outcome you will still benefit from knowing. Good luck!