How can I ask her out to dinner or some sorts?

So I've been seeing this girl for some time and we would say hi to each other whenever we see each other passing by. But the thing is I've never had the chance to talk to her extensively in person. The most would be like, "just got out of class"?, "How are your classes going", and etc. I don't want to let this chance slip by and was wondering if it is the best time to ask her out now?


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  • I would suggest you find another activity: like playing a sport, going bowling, going to the beach, going to a concert, or something where you really get to meet the person you're dating. Going to dinner can often be too awkward and nerve wrecking. If I were you I'd take her to dinner after three or four dates. Take a chance, do something difference you know you both can enjoy!

    • Ok thank you for your opinion. So no dinner for the first few times?

    • I'm a non traditionalist girl, I usually like for relationships to be effortless. It makes no snese to me why people will try to sell a version of themselves that is not there when you can just chill and do something you can both enjoy ( not that dinner is not enjoyable) but you get what I mean. take her to dinner when you're sure you want her for real.

    • Ok thank you for your valuable opinion!

  • Are you in school or college?
    Aren't there ball games on very often?

    Next time you pass her, say 'hey! Any plans (this weekend)? If she says 'no'
    You say, 'How about (Wendy's) Friday at 7 pm?' She can say 'ok' or she'll think about it.
    If it's 'I'll think about it,' ... You can either exploit that with flirting, give her your number or say ' It'll be a good chance to get to know you. (Smile)'


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