Date for the first time. How do I...

Ok I'm going on a date for the first time and what should I do if she wants to kiss? I mean obviously ik what to do but like how do I not get nervous?


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  • hi there, well, it's gonna be your first date, what I know is that many girls won't really show that they want to kiss at their first date (well, I didn't want to kiss on my first date because I just thought it might be too fast, your girl would probably think the same way too), so I think you don't have to worry much. But of course, everyone are different, she might want to kiss on your first date. Here is what I think for you not to get nervous, wait for a sign. (I asked my boyfriend to give me a peck on my cheek, then I leaned on him with my eyes closed, he gave me a peck on lips, lol). And don't rush it. Somehow, you'd be nervous (I think it's a normal feeling since it's your first date), but don't let it ruin everything. When both of you are sure that you'll kiss, take a deep look in her eyes, you may also touch her face or hands, this is not meant to make you even more nervous, instead, it's sort of a 'knowing' look and creating the moods. It would help you to calm because you are sure that she wants you and you've understood the mood you are in. It will be easier for you to carry on.

    Good luck dude!


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  • You're going on a date for the first time, of course you're nervous, but don't worry.

    Just take things naturally. See if she wants a bite to eat or have a drink. Take a walk and talk to get to know each other.

    Go to a movie a ballgame go dancing. Believe me, if there is an attraction, you'll know it. Just take it easy and when the time is right, you'll be kissing in no time.

    Just don't pressure her or yourself, all in good time.

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