Should I give him a chance after how he treated this other girl?

I met this guy through mutual friends, since my best friend is dating his best friend. That's how I know about this because it happened long before I even met him. Anyway, my best friend tried to hook him up with a friend of hers, let's call her A. He wasn't very attracted to A due to her not being his type but he still agreed to go on a double date with her, my best friend and her boyfriend. A on the other hand really liked him and found him attractive so she was kind of the one to initiate it. She texted him first and really showed interest. I would be totally okay with him not liking A because obviously, everyone has their preference but what bothers me about this situation is what he did during the date. He acted uninterested, didn't even give her a chance despite her efforts and on top of that he started shamelessly flirting with another girl while she was watching, on their date... Apparently he did it only because she isn't blonde cause that's his type. A is African and really pretty. Tall, skinny with a nice figure. But then some time after that he met me. I happen to be blonde with blue eyes, which is his type so he kind of started liking me from day one. He texted me first, made an effort and while we were hanging out (during my best friend's birthday party) he was super nice to me, gave me a ride home and really tried to make conversation. A was there too by the way and saw all of this but I didn't know about their "history" back then. What do you think? Should I give him a chance? It really bothers me that he's so shallow and only goes for looks because according to my friend he's a really nice guy who's looking for something serious. Those are hard to come by... But the way he handled things with A was really disrespectful or what do you think? by the way, I haven't heard his side of the story so that's why I'm hesitating.


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  • I don't think you should give him a chance. His behavior towards the other girl seems quite disrespectful.

    • If I wanted to be mean I could go out with him and start hitting on other guys. Wouldn't be too hard but that's just not who I am

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  • No. That's what he thinks is ok. You won't be treated any different when he gets bored

    • Yeah, maybe you're right. I don't know him that well so hard to tell. Right now I feel like I get special treatment because I'm blonde so I get the impression that he's racist and really shallow...

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