Be ruthless or be kind when you have all the power?

1. In a class of 100 students, she ditches you and blows you off like second class citizen to see other options.

2. After checking out other guys she finds out you are the best out of 100 and reaches out to you.

3. Now you know you are the best, you have no competition and she has nowhere to go except you, what will you do now? I'm confused. Pls help me guys and girls

  • Ignore her and punish her for ditching you and checking out other options. Don't be a nice guy coz she will do same if you don't punish her now.
  • Accept her and court her properly, forgive her and she will love you more. Show her you really are best of the rest.
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  • I don't like your options at all. Ignore her, but don't PUNISH HER.. wtf. If you like her, then go for it, but if you're over her then let it be.

    • Go for it?
      Even when she jerked me around and treated me loke dirt?

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    • Yes i wana fuck her and then dump her.
      Obviously there are no love feelings left in me for her.

    • That kinda stoops you down to her level, that's not good. I wouldn't do that either lol

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  • Ignore her, but I don't think you need to 'punish' her. You have no right to punish her in any way.


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  • I choose neither.
    I'd C.) Accept her decision and keep on moving on. I need not punish her for life without me is punishment enough.

  • Whatever... You're obviously the nice guy, you've been hung up on her this entire time...

    • What should i do now?

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    • Bro, you're right i acted weak needy nice guy but now i wana stand up for myself, what should i do?
      Should i accept her now or ignore her and make her beg, plead etc?

    • That's on you. You know more about her and you have to decide if she's worth your time. If someone's not interested and blows you off and comes around when it's convenient, they'll probably be flaky on you again in the future and not all that committed to you. If you want something short term that's not all that serious she might keep you entertained but she's obviously not that into you.

  • Accept her

    • And act like a doormat
      So that she jerks me around next time too?

  • I would try not to be an asshole, but I wouldn't put aside my dignity either

    • So what should i do?
      Accept her? So that next time if someone better comes along she blows me off like nothing?

    • Given my age, I feel like I'm not qualified to give you advice but I will try anyway.

      If I were you, I would forget her. From the description you have given of her, it sounds like she is only interested in status and doesn't have any legitimate feelings for you.