Was this the right thing to say after she did this?

A year ago there was a girl I knew, and she liked me a lot so we went on a few dates, but due to complications in life I became distant. She stopped texting me and I stopped texting her. I would see her at university and she would avoid or ignore me. Eventually she started responding to my text. I asked her if I could take her on another date and she said no, and started ignoring me again.

This semester we had a class together and so I sat with her, and started talking to her. She was giving me one word answers, and acted rude. So the next day I sat somewhere else only for her to sit right next to me. She didn't talk to me just sat there. Over time she started talking to me and being friendly, but when she would see me in the halls she would pull out her phone and pretend to use it and ignore me. Other times she would take another route so she didn't have to walk passed me. Other times she would see me and wave. There were also days she would sit with me, but just give one word answers again or verbally attack my questions. When we would leave class she would walk me my next class and talk to me. One day I saw her with her friend friends and she pointed me out to them, they all looked at me and started giggling. Everyone said she was attached to my hip and I should asked her out.

So I asked if we could get another shot and take her for coffee and she said "okay!" 3 days later I texted her asking where she wanted to go, and she said "I don't want any sort of relationship with you." I said "okay thanks for being honest, and I would appreciate it if you didn't talk about me behind my back with your friends" I then described them and what they looked like and said "These people obviously know who I am, and I don't appreciate it." Was I wrong to do this?

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What Girls Said 2

  • She's giving mixed signals here. She's either indecisive or she's playing a game. You weren't wrong.

  • This girl sounds very indecisive, does she like you (as a friend) or not? It wasn't wrong of you to comment to her not to speak about you to other people, whether good or bad. Since you mentioned they pointed fingers at you and laughed, I'm assuming it wasn't nice. You have no wrong in standing up for yourself! But I would reconsider being her friend, it sounds you put too much effort into trying to figure her out while she gets to decide when to ignore you or not.


What Guys Said 1

  • Do i know whu she acts flakey?
    Becoz u are not being a man.
    Does a man asks a woman where she wants to go? Come om man, women just like to show up hot and man takes care of shit.
    U make dates with her thats it, and end ur date with a kiss, if she refuses just say im not interested in being ur friend and u walk away.
    She is testing ur neediness level by saying 'i dont want any relationship with u' u should have said 'fine, but u know i like u and im romantically interested in u, so if u chamge ur mind let me know '
    And then u should have walked and never looked back. She is fucking jerking u around and u keep coming back for more, be a man and stand up for yourself, say no to her and walk away if she doesn't treat u with respect.