Can't figure out this girl?

This girl I was seeing we've been on and off I have sent her flowers etc and she hasn't reciprocated anything. I have suspicions she is seeing someone but has kept it quiet from me and very hush. I have been ignoring her because I see what she is doing anyway we have been sitting in the office I have been talking to other people in the office and she Starts to butt in to my conversations with the other office bring up things about how well the other office staff should know me. Also I catch her looking at me while I'm talking to others in the office then she looks away she also came around my desk talking to someone on the phone about business is she just baiting me?


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  • explain "seeing on and off". Do you mean hooking up? Random date?

    Did she seem thrilled and happy when you sent flowers?

    When you say "reciprocated", do you mean she's not pursuing you or she's not really acknowledging your attempts of affection?

    Why on earth would any girl pursue you if things are not defined? I certainly wouldn't reciprocate a casual relationship that felt like a one night stand. I'd only put in effort if it was a relationship what was serious.

    If you ARE making attempts to make things serious and she's just not accepting your advances, then she's not interested.

    • We was casual and we got close but she backed off because she thought things wernt going anywhere and I told her I liked her she came around a few times but keeps holding back and she keeps another man a secret from me like she pushes him away when I come near but she says she's single?

    • Also I have sent her flowers before and she was so happy and thrilled and I sent them again a week later and she looked annoyed because there was another man I think she's seeing at the second but she keeps bringing up things from the past favourite resteraunts and asking where I'm going tonight and who I'm going with?

  • She craves the attention

    • What from me or just anyone? Is she not interested in the slightest?

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    • I know I would. It feels being used and nobody wants that.

    • Exactly what I was thinking her loss the end of the day

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