I made this guy hate me on accident and I'm in a lot of pain over it. What should I do to get over it or or make it better?

So I liked this guy who admitted to liking me back. I originally had messaged him before asking him to come to a party and he said he would but he never did. Then one day, he messaged me asking what I was up to, but i was busy. He sent me a nude and then I sent him one back ( which was very stupid) on snapchat. But then we planned to meet the next day. Most of the day passed by and so I messaged him and I said "so what is happening today." He responded saying "he'll tell me when he gets back from the game." Then it got to 12:47 am and he still didn't respond. I messaged him saying "you still down?" He said "yes." I said "What's your address?" He never responded but he opened the message on snapchat. Shortly after this, my friend told me that he had saved my nude on snapchat. He didn't screenshot but he saved it. I have really bad anxiety. So I was upset that I got stood up and I was very upset that he saved the picture. I accidentally drank way too much and I had a full-fledged panic attack. That my roommate called the police. My roommate gave him my information off my phone and they called him and told him to take down the picture. I felt HORRIBLE the next day. He messaged me and said he wasn't the type of guy to do that. He accidentally saved the picture and that he fell asleep instead of hanging out with me that night. Then I sent him a message telling him what happened and that Im sorry. He never responded. I know the cops called him because they told me. But now, the boy absolutely hates me and he's purposely not looking at my snapchat story. This got way too extreme. This was my first time sending nudes and being so forward with a guy and I know I messed up. I apologized to him, but I still feel horrible. If I send him another message he'll be annoyed, but even I don't he still hates me. I'm really upset. I don't know how to get rid of the pain Im feeling or how to make it better?


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  • meh... he's a guy, i bet he's over it by now... unless its true hate. only one way to find out...
    message him a simple "hey" right now... snapchat, Facebook, text... whatever...
    if he replies... he's over whatever you did.
    if he doesn't respond in the next 6 hours... lol... yea he hates your ass.

    • I already know he hates me, but I really want to change it. He didn't respond to my last message apologizing to him. I just want to make it better because I didn't purposely want the cops to call him.

    • don't apologize then... just say hey and see what happens.

  • There is no way he'll forgive. So you should just try and move on. In his mind you are 'crazy' for calling the police, and he would never trust you again.

    • I didn't call the police though. My friend did. There's no way I could message his friend and let him know what happened. That I wasn't the one who did it?

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    • That's what everyone is telling me. It's super hard to move on because I liked him so much. 😩

    • Give it time and let this be a learning experience for you... if I was him I'll stay away from you. So don't bother trying to fix this you can't.

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  • He sounds like an asshole to me. You should stop contacting him. Whatever happened, happened. It's best to leave it behind now.

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