Should I try to pursue her?

I have feelings for a sophmore girl and I'm not sure if I should try to go after her or not because I'll be going to college soon and working over the summer. However, her house is along the way when I drive to my college and summer workplace. She has told me that she loves me (as a friend or more than that I don't know) in a Facebook message and we see each other often in church and have some things in common. Whenever we talk she usually smiles and is generally in a happy mood when I'm around.
Thank you in advance for helpful comments.


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  • Yeah, go for it!

    • Why do you think I should?

    • Why shouldn't you? College and working over the summer will not be a problem, especially since she lives nearby. It seems like she likes you, and you won't know until you try.

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  • huh YEAH go chase her relentlessly
    That is, up until you're inside her or once she tells you to fuck off
    Get it?

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