Scared of being in a relationship?

So, I've got a little problem
I've got a sort of mild case of social anxiety (it was worse, but I'm better now)
Here is my problem, briefly explained:
I think I've got some sort of a relationship anxiety I think (is that even a thing?)
If I find a guy cute, and we start talking, I almost immediately think thoughts like ''What do others think about him?'' ''Do other people find him weird?'' ''Is he good looking to other people?'' etc. etc.
And I know, it sounds so bitchy and all, but it's not because I don't like the guy or that I don't find him attractive myself, I'm just really scared of being judged and people thinking that we aren't a good couple..
When I'm in a relationship, I absolutely HATE walking down the street hand in hand with him, because I feel like people are judging me, and I just can't figure out why, because I know, that peoples opinions shouldn't matter...
I'm also too afraid to ever be in an open relationship on Facebook if I had a boyfriend (I've had two serious relationships), and I wouldn't ever be willing to go on a date in a social place, like a restaurant or at the cinema...
I'm 17, soon 18.
What's wrong with me? :(


What Guys Said 2

  • Have you tried talking to a therapist about this. It really you have lots of fears and plus you seem to think what people will think about you.

  • It's agoraphobia and is treatable


What Girls Said 1

  • I think you should talk to a professional about this matter. They might be able to help you more.