Does it sound like this guy likes me maybe :x?

Okay so he was my tutor for a little bit last semester... He's really smart. I'm just starting out in college and he is graduating soon and he is the president of the engineering club, a lead tutor, etc. there was always this sexual tension and I don't know I feel like he felt it too because he was acting very nervous around me towards the end... I had a crush on him :x now I'm working in the bookstore and he comes in to buy coffee every now and than. Today he came in twice and the second time he came in I told him it probably wasn't very healthy that he was drinking a liter of coffee at 5pm and he said this is what engineering students live off of you should know that! Than I told him that when I was a barista the extent of my caffeine addiction was much woerse than it was now and he said you should still be a barista... We'd probably be very good friends, than he left because there was a line :x he is so cute I always act nervous around him help?

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