Guys, The middleman - am I right or am I thinking too much?

Granted none of you know my friend, but I do and I still don't know the answer. Pretty dense when reading people. A guy I like and (at least used to 6 months ago) like (s, d) me have a great mutual friend. The friend said he would set me up with the guy so confidently, so I'm thinking, "great, perhaps he still digs me!" Yes, I use language like that in my head. Anyway, it's been enough time and he never set it up. No, my friend doesn't want me, you can be sure of that. The guy and I are friends on FB but he hasn't sent anything. I won't, or rather can't, for a big reason you need to take my word for (absolutely nothing at all to do with gender roles). If I give too many details here, someone who knows about this may know who I am. He's been known to be a bit shy with the ladies but he was trying to get my attention at a function very recently. It was in a way that my friends even noticed and brought it up. Last night I was talking about online dating and how I don't have the drive to do it, but my friend encouraged me to do it, saying that I'm young and have lots of time to settle down. I've been known to overthink, so here's what I have come up with: the guy told him no, and my friend just dropped it, or he's really bad at set ups. I can give more details (time frames and etc) privately if you don't have enough to go on.


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  • *mind blown*... you've been known to overthink? thats the understatement of the century. Drive or not, shy or not... just make like Nike and just frickin DO Something. i mean whats the worst that can happen if you send him a Facebook message saying "wanna do something this weekend"... you don't need a middleman, especially one that sucks.

    • Your opinion is really appreciated, but there's more to it. Is there any way you can send me a message? I'd need to be a level 2 in order to send something. Maybe I can reply to incoming messages. Really want your take on the full story.

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    • you might have to follow me too...

    • Done, but still got the message to be a level two

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  • Its not easy to just "set up" but the situation is not clear. I think you should add some detail.


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