He hasn't replied to my message but has seen it. Does this mean I should move on or wait?

So a guy I kind of knew and I started talking a few weeks ago and he asked me to hang out a few times but I was too busy.
Anyway on the weekend we finally went and had drinks. I had such a fun time, the night ended with us making out and sent me a cute message straight away, and the next day to ask how my day was.. And the day after that. I was pretty excited to see him again.
Anyway that was Monday night and it's now late Wednesday night.
So I messaged him earlier and asked him how his day was, and was going to follow up with an invite but he hasn't replied. And he's been online since I sent it :(
I haven't been single like this in a long time so I don't know if I'm overthinking it or if he's somehow not into me like I thought he was.
Should I move on before I get hurt? Or do I need to relax a bit more/am I overreacting?


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  • You might be overthinking things. Sometimes people leave their phones/computers on and the message pops up and it shows as read because that was the last thing they had up, but they didn't actually see it. Or they forgot to reply. Happens all the time.

    • Yeah I guess you're right. If he doesn't reply tomorrow then I guess that's more clear.
      It's just weird but i thought a guy wouldn't leave 2 days or more between taking to me if he liked me.

    • Yea I agree, just trying to give him the benefit of the doubt because it did sound like you guys had a good date, and he shouldn't really have any other reason not to.

  • Give it two days or so then try once more with just "hey whats up! :)" and see how he responds. if he ignores you I guess he's just a flaky guy anyway? He could just be busy right now and you'll see him message back pretty soon

  • Just give him an extra day or two! If he doesn't reply, perhaps there is something wrong there. Good luck! Don't stress too much about it!