Only seeing each other once a week?

If you only saw someone once a week do you think a relationship can come out of it? I've been dating this guy for about a 5 weeks now but we only see each other once a week and its really starting to become frustrating.

We text everyday non stop and he is really great but I'm getting fed up. He usually doesn't get home from work until about 6 and gets called away for overnights. So I understand he is tired but the weekends are not enough. He always tells me how excited me is too see me and he takes me on great dates so I feel guilty for not being happy.

Do you think just seeing each other once a week is a dead end?


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  • No, I had a 3 year relationship and for the most part of it we only saw each other on weekends (it ended for different reasons). Keep in mind that your relationship won't always be like this if you stay in it. You might eventually move in together, so you'll see each other more, etc etc. If you're not getting enough attention from him then that's a different story, like if you really need to be with your guy every day then this isn't the right relationship for you at this time, but I wouldn't say that it was a dead end to a long term thing.