Maybe it's was just lust?

The more he take notice of me the more I'm not intrested, and the more he ignores me the more I can forget him. That's a good thing though right? But I do still want to see him, talk with him, and be with him. I just don't get these feelings, do I like him, or not? Is this just lust?


What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe it's just why don't you just try talking to him

    • I do but then I lose intrest when we talk because, I realize he'said into me. Maybe I just like the chase? Is that possible?

    • Yeah but you got to remember at a certain point the chase ends

What Girls Said 1

  • Lust means you have a strong desire for the person.

    Looks as if you only tolerate him.
    I'm not getting a feeling of Lust from you at all, but more so a cold and distant feel.

    • Is that a bad thing? Does that mean I like him but being a bitch and denying it? Cause I've done that in the past >. <

    • I don't think you have any interest in all honesty.
      You just like male attention or feeling desired.

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