I haven't heard from him for 3 weeks. How can I get over him?

I am still not over him! :(
to make it short, we went on 4 dates tops, and I pretty much got hooked.
After some red flags on his end, I finally ended it on 4/8 and I'm in a position where I have to stick to my word. We are still Facebook friends though. That's pretty much the connection I have with him and text, I am not sure if he delete me but I haven't heard from him


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  • Yes, you are did the right thing, now just live up to your decision. Give it time and you will get over him.


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  • You need to work on you. The only reason to be hooked on a guys that hard after 4dates is there is something else going on in your life that making you unhappy

    • well you are right but still, I REALLY like the guy :(

    • But you know something is wrong with him.

    • the very beginning when he didn't have me and I wasn't really into him at all, he chased me SO hard to get a date with me. After 2nd date, I caught feelings then somehow, the tables turned when he started bailing here and there.

      it was weird, it finally came to the a point where he bailed 4 times (as in rescheduled our dates) and that's when I lost it and cut it off with him.

  • Well if you ended it, you probably won't hear from him. The red flags are there for a reason and it's great that you caught them this early. Don't stress over him, you can always go back to dating and meet someone who won't give you red flags :)

    • I know :(
      it sucks but I don't have anyone at the moment

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    • Actually all reasons you just listed could be a possibility! I think if he truly was interested, he would've made sure to keep those dates. Why drink too much the night before a date, when you know you will most likely get a hangover, you know what I mean? If he bails on dates now, he will most likely bail too if you both get into a relationship. Probably not worth it for you!

    • sigh...