Do I call or do I wait for her to?

I met this girl last night she was at work I went in and ate she was really cute so I dropped my number to her. She hit me up a little later. Told me she was off work so I hung out. We just ended up going for a walk by the river just talking, getting to know each other better...Well we never ended up kissing, holding hands, nothing because we just met each other I didn't want it to be weird...So I dropped her off at her house and texted her make sure she's good..She told me she had a good time and wants to do it again sometime...well I told me I did too and she is hella cute and she just texted back "yeah" then she was like 'oh sorry, wrong person" and didn't even respond to what I said...Just kinda blew me off...but it was about five-six in the morning so maybe she fell asleep? I don't know should I call or just wait for her to call...


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  • Definitely call her. But remain cool, calm and collected. Just ask her if she wants to hang out again.

    She wouldn't have said that she had a good time and wants to do it again unless she really meant it. So she's definitely interested.

    At five-six in the morning I'm hardly lucid enough to read texts, much less send coherent responses. Don't read too much into her lack of a response. She may have forgotten your text was in her inbox, I do that all of the time and only notice days later.

    Good luck.

    • Yeah your for sure right...Thanks a lot...I tend to do that a lot with girls...I read them too much because I don't want to come off all creepy lol.

    • I'm guilty of overanalyzing and rereading texts as well.

      I don't think you'll come off as creepy.

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  • I agree with Artist BBoy, keep it cool and chill. She is into you, keep getting to know her.

    Go bowling or something casual like that.


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  • Call her, she left the hint that she wants to see you again. Meaning she is ready for round two already. On your next date, just keep it casual like this one, you did the right thing at it's working.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • See that's what I thought too but I wasn't really too sure. Thanks man

    • For sure man, my pleasure. Haha so much for all the typos, you still got the point ^_^