Girls, if you had a fat or unattractive friend who was really nice, would you try to fix her up with a hot guy friend?

Imagine you are in a committed relationship yourself and you can't date the hot guy friend.


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  • No. Sorry I know that makes me evil but unless I know he has a thing for bbw I wouldn't. First of all if he's very fit their lifestyles probably wouldn't mesh.


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  • No. I am not Cupid.
    Take the initiative.

  • Thats a douche move. To put it nicely..

    • Why?

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    • I don't know, maybe that should be a separate GAG question? If you ask it, post a link here? I have never tried to set a guy friend up with a girl/friend.

      If I wanted to get two people together, I would arrange a party or group of people going out, and make sure the two of them met. I wouldn't even bring up the topic of dating. I would let them work that out.

    • I thought about posting a question like that myself, but I am not sure of how to phrase it. "Girls, would you ever fix up your friends with guy friends?" If you post it, I would enjoy reading the interactions you might have with others.