Is this cheating? Or I am being a dick? Pls help?

- We are in a class, so she is a big time flirt and flirted with a few dudes before me, so she and me casually started talking, she wanted to go to movie and get physical but i dint make plans.

- She completely ignores me and starts flirting with guy B, basically she dumped me., now guy B turns out to be a douche and she tries to come back to me.

- I ignored her and she stopped coming to the class, its been 2 months i dint see her and no contact.

- She likes videos on YouTube and writes poems for me and indirectly tells me she loves me but didn't contact me directly.

- I want to know is this cheating or i am overreacting coz we were not in a relationship.

  • Its cheating, thats her nature, she didn't like u, she just wanted sex and tossed u aside when someone interesting comes along.
  • Its not cheating, u werent dating, she can date whoever she wants. She is young and wana have some fun.
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  • There's no way to cheat on a relationship that doesn't exist.

    • So did i behave like a dick when she reached out to me and i Completely ignored her?

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    • Im 💯 % sure they are for me,
      But i wana know if she does it indirectly, can't she text me directly?

    • Think of it like a game of sorts. She made the last move. It's your turn.

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  • doesn't sound like you guys were every truly in a exclusive relationship or even officially dating so

    not cheating in my opinion

    • So what should i do now?

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    • Doesn't this type of behaviour tells her true nature?
      If she is not happy in a relationship instead of talking about it, she will line up a replacement?

    • no i don't think that's a fair assumption. she wanted to be physical and you rejected that advance. how should she take that? if there is a specific reason you don't want to be physical you need to make it clear to her and explain that it's not a sign of your feelings about her but rather something else

      she clearly liked you. you rebuffed her advance so it sounds like she started looking elsewhere. there is nothing wrong with that

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  • not cheating

    just one confusing girl

    i think its best if u forget her, really

    lots of headaches in sight if u dont

    • What should i do now?

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    • lmao sure

      u know what u want and what is best for u

      far from me to tell u to do otherwise

      i thought u wanted a girlfriend, but in that case just go right ahead

    • Thnx.

  • It's not cheating since you weren't dating. But she seems very confused.


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