Is there anything wrong with researching someone you have been on date with or someone you will potentially date?

Call me nosy but I find this beneficial. I've researched two guys that I went on a date with and thank God I did.

Guy 1: was really in a committed relationship with his daughter's mother.

Guy 2: didn't find much but a mug shot.

but do you this this wrong? Like an envision of privacy? For example guy number 1 I would have never known he seemed really nice.


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  • It's always good to research beforehand.
    You can still give them a shot might you find negative information, becaus they might regret it or have changed. They could also then have a chance to tell you.

    As long as you don't go into the crazy spectrum of asking people to "hack" their social media accounts etc.

    • Oh no just a Facebook search using their number really tells me what I need to know. Guy 1 is def a deal breaker of you are in a relationship or still have some type of thing with your child's mother you shouldn't be dating. Guy 2: that's not a deal breaker.

    • I can see you think it all through^^ Then I shouldn't be worried about it being wrong if I were you.

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  • I find that it is hard not to. Maybe not a guy I go on A date with but if I start liking someone I will of course, check out Facebook, and maybe do a Google search, I would not expect to find too much on there though but I guess it is good to look for a criminal record.

  • No, there is nothing wrong with it. I'd do the same if I were in your position.