What should I do if a attractive girl likes me?

Hello. As you read about my other questions, I have dating problems. But to my surprise, a girl that's absolutely stunning actually likes me. Her friend, she hugs me a lot and sometimes doesn't let go, and heck she even got me groove cheez itz. I am like this is not possible? How can a cute Hispanic girl like plain Joe black guy? This girl is like one of the most popular in school, and I'm barely noticeable. I play with geeks, pokemon, and anime. I don't see what she sees in me. Like even she breaks me out of my comfort zone by asking if I have a girlfriend. I don't know what to do, and this happen. By any means, if I should tell her I'm not the one I can. Any help is welcomed. And I really welcomeling explanation

Please help. Any answer is a good answer.
Please help


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  • she doesn't like you. probably tries to use you to get in her ex's eye. now if you can take advantage of the situation as an alpha male and fuck her with no strings attached in the process good for you.


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  • Then what are you waiting for, tiger? Get her. Ask her out. She is probably expecting you to.


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