Girls is getting engaged, wtf... ?

Met her where she works, added her online and we chatted for days, i told her i wanna get to know you and she didn't mind, we talked a lot and she told me a lot about herself and her family and life... etc she stopped messaging once so i moved on and sent her a message few days later telling her that iam not interested in her anymore and she should just move on, she freaked out and refused to let me go just like that... so we kept messaging, i asked 3 times but she would not give me her number (few days apart ) she told me so much about her i can write a book. she is the very shy kind and rarely if ever accepts guys friend requests (she has hundreds i've see them ) leave alone actually chatting with them ( my friend is her friend ), the last time i asked for her number she refused in a joking manner sending me smileys and cue pics, i got bored of her so we exchanged few short messages i said okay and that was it...

few days later i hear from a guy that knows her that she's getting engaged to this guy whos few years older than me ( iam 20 she's 18 and the guy is 23 ) and he has a career in the health sector... it didn't bother me but... iam not sure if i should feel used or proud that a girl with an attractive boyfriend ( yes he's hot, no homo ) Who never talks to guys messaged me for a month to get to know me and she was interested and telling me lots of things about her life?

why? i dont play games so i moved on quite fast but just wth... ?


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  • She's trying to play you and have a side guy. Dont take her serious and just move on. She's not respecting her FiancĂ© and she's not respecting you. Just let her go and move on because in the end she'll chose him. Not because he has a career but theirs something with her SO for her to get engaged with him. You know?

    • I sure hope she loves him and not playing him, i dont get played by girls anymore i learnt my lesson long time ago, but yeah this is kinda weird after all the chatting and i was honest with her about my intentions she never refused nor said anything or complained everything was so smooth... then when i got bored i hear she's getting engaged in few days , damn !!

    • She doesn't love him because she's doing stuff like this. You probably aren't the first and only guy she has done this to!:/ Just leave her be. I know it's hard but if you don't you will be the one getting hurt!:/

    • i've left her i move on quickly and its kinda easy for me, i dotn tolerate such mind games or people who try using me.

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  • that sucks man... maybe she just needed a friend

    • highly unlikely she has friends and she could befriend anyone, her stares at me and nervousness dont suggest that she was looking for a friend, and i never lied and told her straight iam not her to be your friend or anything like that but to get to know you better i also asked for her number and she never said anything or that its bothering her.

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