Was this just a friendly hug, or a something more hug do you think?

So yeah, it was an unexpected goodbye hug. The guy extended one arm out to me and I ended up hugging him around the neck. He placed both his arms and crossed them around my shoulders, gently stroking my upper back with his fingers.

Im not sure how, but I ended up touching him chest to chest and hip to hip. He never pulled back. Then we kinda rested our heads next to each other. We talked in soft voices a little as we hugged. The hug lasted about maybe 20 seconds. Maybe longer, I don't know.

I was hugging his neck tightly but he was holding me around the shoulders gently.

can I just add, I'd been down earlier in the night, so I can't tell if this was just a comforting hug or a something more hug, which is why I'm asking.

Im also kinda worried I'm deluding myself into thinking it was a something more hug.

So yeah, what do you think?

  • This is definitely a something more hug.
  • He was merely comforting you.
  • You put him in an awkward position.
  • He only sees you as a friend.
  • Really can't tell.
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Aww come on guys... this isn't a hard Q surely!


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  • Thats definitely not just a friendly hug, I saw ur other question where u also mentioned the hug, and since I know the case of it, then its more than a friendly hug... I honestly think that he misses you

    • Thanks Dania :) that really helps! Thanks for reading the other question too and helping to answer this ☺️

    • You're always welcome!! 😊