Would you date someone you liked in all possible ways then found out always had hair loss and wore a hair piece since they were a child?

This is a young Woman or Man. They wear nice hair form fitting looks real well cared for but they will never have " real" hair. It's not a matter if embracing thinning hair as they age. They are 19 and have had little hair since age 5. Would you date?

Its not about me , so don't waste time trying to make me feel better or worse... I'm just curious if you would.

I would.

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  • No
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  • Of course if they are someone I like otherwise I would still date them. I have many mild physical problems myself so it would be hypocritical to consider something like this as a major reason not to become involved in a relationship.


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  • Hair is irrelevant to weather i find someone attractive or not. So yes.


What Girls Said 2

  • Yes, I would. Though, to be honest, I don't find a bald head attractive. I would prefer it if they wore a wig.

    • yeah me neither. but in this question he's not bald, has enough hair to hold a real looking clean nicely kept wig in place:)

  • No way, bald guys are not my type.

    • not bald he has enough hair to hold a nice wig in place that looks real and feels nice and is clean and well kept.

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    • mhm true but so is clothing we used to have hair /fur now we have clothes, we may be bald one day and wigs will be accessories.

    • Hair is natural, clothes are not... we might be all walking naked one day ;)

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